Why Do We Have Dreams? Amazing Health Benefits Sleeping With Science

Dreams, Sometimes dreams are beautiful but sometimes dreams are horrible. In dreams, you can travel beautiful places which you never can travel. But sometimes dreams indicates future events. So, why do we have dreams? How it is possible? In this sort article, you can get some idea about science behind dreams. This article based on scientist Matthew Walker’s explanation about science behind dreams. 

Dreams come to us for several reasons, to say the least. One of the main benefits is creativity. Sleep, including dream sleep, is associated with an enhanced ability to solve problems the next day. It’s as if we fall asleep with pieces of a jigsaw puzzle but we wake up with all the pieces of the puzzle in place. Read here science of healthy and loving relationship.

The second benefit of REM sleep is emotional first aid. Rem sleep removes the emotional distress and discomfort so that when we wake up the next day, we feel better about those traumatic events. Dreaming can be considered as a form of overnight therapy. 

It is not time that cures all wounds, but the time we spend dreaming that allows us to recuperate emotionally. It’s not just about the dream; it seems that what you dream about makes a difference.

Scientists discovered that after learning a virtual maze, for example, people who slept but had dreams about the maze were the only ones who got better at navigating the walls of the maze when they woke up.

The same holds true for our mental wellness. For example, people who went through a bitter or traumatic experience such as divorce, and dreamed about what happened, were able to find a solution to their depression compared to those who dreamed but not of what happened. 

All this means that sleep and dream occupy an essential place in many aspects of our waking life. We dream, therefore we exist. Please share this short article with others.

By Scientist Matthew Walker


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