How To Make A Super Boomerang: Easy Paper Flying Toys

Ever marveled at a boomerang's graceful return? With just a piece of paper and a few folds, you can create your own super boomerang that really flies back! In this quick guide, we'll show you how to make a simple yet impressive paper boomerang that's perfect for indoor fun or outdoor adventures. 

Whether you're a crafty kid or a curious adult, these easy-to-follow steps will have you launching and catching your paper creation in no time. We found this easy method from Dr. Hacker YouTube channel. Let's get started!

An intermediate level origami project, the paper boomerang requires familiarity with inner reverse folds, valley folds, and mountain folds. One 8 ½" x 11" sheet of paper is required. Print off some patterned paper for an interesting design if you don't want to build a simple boomerang. Pic@Jupiterimages from Photo Images via

Step 1.

Dr. Hacker

Hold your paper upright in front of you, with the white side facing up. After folding it in half, unfurl it. To get two equal rectangles, cut along the middle fold. One rectangle should be saved for a different project. Next, fold the remaining rectangle in half. Open up.

Step 2.

Right and left sides should be folded in towards the middle crease.

Step 3.

Fold the paper in half, bringing the top towards the bottom. Fold the left and right corners in to meet the center vertical crease.

Step 4.

Refold the folds you produced in the corners in the preceding step. After unfolding the half-fold crease, turn the paper so that it is horizontally in front of you. Open the lower portion of the long piece of paper. 

Step 5.

Following the lines of the guide creases you created in the previous step, create mountain fold creases. To ensure that each crease is crisp, go over it multiple times. For this task, a bone folder works best, but if necessary, you may also use the edge of a metal ruler. 

Step 6.

On the right side of the double diamond-shaped mountain fold crease pattern, create a valley fold crease. Fold all of the horizontal folds save the top one. Your wrinkles need to resemble the illustration below. Using your right hand, turn the right side of the paper clockwise to form a "number 7" shape. Fold the upper half of the paper so that it is perpendicular to the table. Hold onto the left side of the paper with your left hand. The paper will slide into this position more easily because to the creases generated in the previous phase. 

Step 7. 

As seen in the previous step, tuck in the spot where the top fold's bottom meets the side.

Step 8.

Gently pry the paper's bottom open. In the direction of the central vertical centre, fold the corners to the left and right. Well-crease, then release. Fold the left corner inside out, then tuck the right corner into the pocket that this fold has made.

Step 9.

To create an inner reverse fold on the top side of the paper and tuck the bottom corner into this pocket, repeat the previous procedure on the top end of the paper.

Step 10.

Hold the completed origami boomerang at the corner joint, thumb on top and index finger on bottom, to toss it. Twist your wrist to toss up and away from you like you would a Frisbee.

Play with your paper boomerang in a room with a high ceiling and no running fans for optimal effects. Start at the lower end of the room and toss your boomerang towards the higher end if the space has a vaulted ceiling.


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