Luck Skydance Animation New Movie Review

Sam Greenfield and Black Cat Bob are looking in amazement. Sam with a black umbrella side of the image.
Luck Skydance 

Are you interested in watching a comedy animated film? If so, it's time to experience something new and fantastic. "Luck" is an upcoming animated comedy movie that you won't want to miss.

Who Made Luck Movie?

The animated movie "Luck" is directed by Peggy Holmes and produced by Skydance Animation, bringing a fresh perspective to the animated movie industry. According to Rotten Tomatoes, this movie promises to be a hit.

The film is written by the renowned writer Kiel Murray and features a fantastic and humorous storyline. One noteworthy aspect of the movie is that both the director and story writer are women, and the story centers around a girl and a cat.

Sam with a black umbrella.
"Luck" Sam Greenfield

The "Luck" movie is poised to give a new face to the animated movie industry, and fans are eagerly awaiting its release. The movie is set to debut on August 5th, 2022, a Friday, in the United States.

The scenes and background in this movie promise to provide an immersive experience for fans, transporting them to a mysterious world. With a total duration of 90 minutes, viewers will have plenty of time to enjoy this fantastic animated comedy. So, This story definitely heals your mind.

The Cast Of The Film "Luck"

The upcoming animated movie "Luck" features a talented cast, with main characters including Sam Greenfield, Bob, Marv, and the Dragon.

Eva Noblezada brings the mysterious Sam Greenfield to life, while Simon Pegg plays the character of Bob. Lil Rel Howery portrays Marv, and Jane Fonda lends her voice to the dragon in this exciting film.

"Luck" Trailer

"Luck" Story

The plot of this movie revolves around an unlucky girl named Sam Greenfield. The story explores the concept of luck and how one's luck can change. 

In the movie, Sam's unlucky feelings transform into good luck, allowing her to communicate with the magical world and embark on a fantastic adventure.

Mysterious world. Only has luck.
"Luck" Mysterious world

She stumbles upon the land of "luck" by accident, and discovers that it is filled with magical powers that spread throughout the land.

Throughout her journey, Sam is aided by a black cat named Bob, who helps her navigate the various turning points in her adventure.

In order to overcome her unlucky past and unlock powerful hidden energies, Sam must work together with the legendary animals in the Land of "Luck". Through their cooperation, they will explore the depths of the magical world and unravel its secrets.


One day, while enjoying a sandwich, Sam was approached by a black cat. She offered the cat a piece of toast, and the cat eagerly took it and ran away. This chance encounter would ultimately lead Sam on an incredible journey of luck and magic.

After finding the gold-colored coin, Sam kept it in her pocket, and suddenly everything began to change for the better. Her luck had turned around, and everything she did began to work out perfectly. It was as if the coin had brought her good fortune and set her on a new path. 

As Sam began to understand the magic of the coin, she unfortunately lost it down the toilet. However, she remembered the black cat from before and decided to follow it, hoping it would lead her to another magical coin.

When Sam arrived at the spot where she had shared her sandwich with the black cat, she found the cat searching for the lost coin. Excited by the possibility of finding another magical coin, Sam began to chase after the black cat.

Bob, the black cat, led Sam to a mysterious door, which opened up to the Land of Luck. Without hesitation, Sam followed Bob through the door and into the magical land.

As Sam and Bob explored the Land of Luck, Bob explained the concept of luck and bad luck to her. After their adventure, they both realized that they wanted to live their lives without relying on magical powers. 

The movie is filled with magical and mysterious elements that will leave you feeling captivated and enchanted. Get ready to experience an unforgettable journey into the world of "Luck."

Sam has to face many incidents, which are all combined with adventure and danger scenes. Read here movie Aquaman heroines of atlantis.

Black cat Bob sits on the floor
Cat - Luck

However, Sam Greenfield finally changed her life story. Is she really unlucky? This is the question that viewers will be left with after watching this fantastic movie. Read here movie "Turning Red".

History About The Producer: Skydance Animation

Skydance Animation is a creative movie production company based in Santa Monica, California, founded by David Ellison in 2006. In 2009, the company entered into a five-year partnership agreement with Paramount Pictures to co-produce and co-finance films, which was later renewed twice, lasting until 2021.

Skydance Animation is highly specialized in producing movies, animations, and games, with a unique aesthetic that sets them apart from others in the industry. 

Their creations are always visually stunning and captivating, with attention to detail that truly brings their stories to life. 

With the upcoming release of "Luck," it's clear that Skydance Animation continues to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the world of animated film.

Luck Movie Special Scene

A Few Films They Released 

Blush, Jack Reacher, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, World War Z, Star Trek Into Darkness, Terminator: Dark Fate, Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Geostorm, Annihilation, Maverick, 6 Underground, Without Remorse, Snake Eyes, Star Trek Beyond, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back are just a few examples of the many movies produced by Skydance Animation.

Upcoming Skydance Animation Movies 

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two, Star Trek 4.

So, stay with Skydance animation to get an adventure and a tremendous movie experience.


About "Luck" Movie Writer Kiel Murray

Kiel Murray - writer
Kiel Murray

Kiel Murray is a talented writer and also a development executive at Pixar Animation Studios. She was born in the United States. 

Kiel Murray works in the Hollywood entertainment industry in the United States.

About "Luck" Movie Director Peggy Holmes

Peggy Holmes is a marvelous actress, dancer, screenwriter, American choreographer, and film director. She was born in the United States. 

Peggy Holmesas a directior
Peggy Holmes

She directed The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning, released August 26, 2008, produced by DisneyToon Studios. The Jungle Book 2 in 2003

She worked as a choreographer, and she worked as a story writer and director on The Pirate Fairy in 2014.

Movies directed by Peggy Holmes - The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning, Secret of the Wings, The Pirate Fairy, "Luck"


 "Luck" Dubbing Actors

Eva Noblezada Plays As Sam Greenfield

Eva Noblezada looks
Eva Noblezada

Eva Noblezada is a famous actress and singer. She was born in San Diego, California in March 1996. 

Noblezada was selected as one of the five finalists for the 2013 National High School Musical Theatre Awards on July 1, 2013. 

When Noblezada, then 17 years old, was invited to an audition for the upcoming West End revival of Miss Saigon when casting director Tara Rubin noticed her performance of the song "With You" from Ghost during the awards ceremony at the Minskoff theatre in New York City.

Eva Noblezada acted - Miss Saigon as Kim in 2016, Yellow Rose as Rose Garcia in 2019, Easter Sunday as Ruth in 2022 and "Luck" as Sam Greenfield in 2022.


Simon Pegg As Bob

Simon Pegg  talks
Simon Pegg 

Simon Pegg is a famous actor, screenwriter, producer, and comedian. He was born on 14 February 1970 in Brockworth, England. He has a BA in Theatre, Film, and Television. In 1991, he received his degree from the University of Bristol. 

As a co-creator of the Edgar Wright-directed Channel 4 sitcom Spaced, he first gained widespread recognition in the UK.

Simon Pegg's Films

Big Train in 1999, spaced in 2000, Shaun of the Dead in 2004, Hot Fuzz in 2007, Star Trek in 2009, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs in 2009, The World's End in 2013, Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation in 2016, Lost Transmissions in 2020.


Lil Rel Howery As  Marv

Lil Rel Howery smiles
Lil Rel Howery

Lil Rel Howery was born on December 17th, 1979 in the US city of Chicago, Illinois. He performs stand-up, television, and film. On the reality television show Last Comic Standing in January 2007, he made his television debut. He appeared on HBO's P. Diddy Presents: The Bad Boys of Comedy that same year. He participated in Chicago's National Night Out Against Crime in 2009. Lil Rel started acting from 2001 to present.

Films Lil Rel Howery

Get Out - 2017,  Tag - 2018 ,Uncle Drew - 2018 ,Bird Box  - 2018 ,Brittany Runs a Marathon - 2019 ,Good Boys - 2019 ,The Angry Birds Movie 2 - 2019 ,The Photograph - 2020 ,Clouds - 2020 ,Home - 2020 ,Judas and the Black Messiah - 2021 ,Tom & Jerry - 2021 ,Bad Trip - 2021 ,Fatherhood - 2021 Space Jam: A New Legacy - 2021 ,Free Guy - 2021 ,Vacation Friends  - 2021,National Champions - 2021 ,I Love My Dad - 2022 ,Spin Me Round - 2022 ,Deep Water - 2022 ,"Luck" - 2022 ,The Out-Laws -2022.

Jane Fonda As A Dragon

Jane Fonda waves her right hand
Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda was born in New York City on December 21, 1937. She is a famous actress. 

Beginning with the 1960s' Tall Story, in which she reenacted one of her Broadway roles as a college cheerleader seeking Anthony Perkins's character, a basketball star. 

Jane Fonda's career began in 1959 and continues to this day. Random House released Fonda's autobiography, My Life So Far, on April 5, 2005.

Few Films Jane Fonda Acted

Barbarella -1968, Monster-in-law -2005, 9 to 5 – 1980, On golden pond – 1981, Book club – 2018, Our souls at night – 2017, The china syndrome – 1979, Klute – 1971, Cat ballou – 1965, Peace,love and misunder – 2011, Fathers and daughters -2015 and "Luck" – 2022 and more.


Numerology View In The Name Of "Luck"

In this film, a name has a miracle of popular power. According to numerology, every letter has a universal miracle power. 

Let’s check the hidden power of this "Luck" film name according to Chaldean numerology.


3+6+3+2 = 14

1+4 = 5.

L = 3, U = 6, C = 3, K =2

Number five is a miracle and lucky number. It has spread energy. So, this film will definitely be popular around the world fast. 


This adventure-filled, mysterious and funny movie was edited by William J. Caparella and features music by John Debney. 

It is distributed by Apple TV+. I highly recommend that you watch this movie and enjoy it to the fullest. Don't miss out on the premiere on August 5th, 2022.


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