Funny 20 Photos One In Million Coincidences Captured At The Perfect time ( New Shots)


Capturing photos is an art for a talented mind. So, this is not a normal capture. The right time and the right frame should be valuable. Photo capture in perfect time is a mental art because it must be done at the right time.

If you captured a coincident frame, it will give you more value. It may be a life event. Photos can give value to an incident. Because only a few things changed at once, you should capture the whole incident.

1.Spot The Differences.

2.And, Curly Girl Number 5 Took The Picture.

3.Who wore It Better ?

4.Think  Before Drink.

5.On London's Subway.

6.The Real Felix.

7.The Cutest Cosplay Ever.

8.You Are Welcome.

9.A dragon Fly Landed On My Friend's Foot And Mirrored Its Own Tattoo.


10.Ha Ha Ha I am Not A Tree.

11.He Looks More Like Mario Than Mario Himself.

12.Taylor Swift On The Highway.

Source: komaram

13.I Ran Into Vincent Van Gogh Today.

14.An Accidental Match.

15.Challenge Accepted.

16.I Think I Found Him.

17.That's Where Your Resumes Actually Go.

18.Hey Ladies.

19.I Am Not Like Most Girls.



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