23 Pics Of The Most Amazing Forgotten Places Found In The ‘Abandoned Beauties’ Facebook Group

Old architectures can bring some amazing feeling. Those things have some mysterious stories, but all stories Obscured by time. The majority of us are fascinated by architecture. The constructed environment that surrounds us represents a place's history and culture, which can affect our experiences there and how we view it. 

Not all of the structures, though, withstand the test of time, and many are left to deteriorate. Some people view them as unwelcome ghosts from the past, while others view them as fascinating mysteries.

A Facebook page called "Abandoned Beauties" was created to honor and share the beauty of formerly inhabited but now uninhabited locations. We found these mysterious picture from that group and like to present for you.

#1.An Abandoned Greenhouse In Italy.

Abandoned Beauties

#2.An Mysterious Church,Michigan.

Abandoned Beauties

#3.An Mysterious Velam Isetta. 

Abandoned Beauties

#4.An Abandoned Beautiful Rail Line. 

Abandoned Beauties

#5.An Abandoned. France.

Amny Fhmy

#6.Devil’s Entrance In The Highest Point Of The Mountain.

Forgotten 24

#7.The Devil's Bridge Kromlau Germany.


#8.Abandoned Building In The Forest.

Ancient Histories & Mystery In The World

#9.The Dreamy Pool At Château De Sannes, An 18th-Century Castle In The Luberon.

Ancient Histories & Mystery In The World

#10.Llanberis, Wales - Abandoned Slate Miners’ Cottages From The 19th Century.

Amny Fhmy

#11.Dunnottar Castle, Epic 15th Century Coastal Fortress.

ʀᴜᴍᴏ ᴀᴏ ᴅᴇsᴄᴏɴʜᴇᴄɪᴅᴏ

#12.An Abandoned Church Located In Armenia.


#13.The 1894-built Wyckoff Villa on Carleton Island, New York, was abandoned in the 1920s.

Ancient Histories & Mystery In The Worl

#14.Gorgeous Flowers Spilling Over Onto Abandoned Train Tracks, Paris.

Luke The Skywalker

#15.Madame Sherri's Castle In Chesterfield, New Hampshire.


#16.An Abandoned 1975 Cadillac Eldorado Fleetwood Custom Limousine.


#17.The Soviet Hydrofoils: A Technological Marvel Abandoned to Rust.

Abandoned Beauties

#18.Old Abandoned Express Train Taken By Nature.

Luke The Skywalke

#19.Adam Schuster House Built In 1881 In St. Joseph, Mo.


#20.Abandoned Italian Mansion.

Norma Aranda Smith

#21.An Amazing Irish House in Ruins in the Heart of a Forest Park.

Abandoned World

#22.Mysterious Railway Track In Paris.


#23.Abandoned 19th Century Greenhouse.

Viking Products


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