Most Miniature Paintings Painted By Adorable Rats And Their Work Is Sold Out

Small talented animals' creative arts. It is well known that some animals, particularly intelligent and sympathetic creatures like rats, are talented artists. When creating their own miniature canvas paintings, these animals demonstrate their talent in Toogood's Tiny Paws. Their vibrant finger paintings—or should we say paw paintings—are so adorable!

It wasn't always Steph Toogood's ambition to own a company that sells animal artwork. In actuality, this project's beginnings have a rather sad tone. She explained how it all began, saying, "After I lost one of my boy, Captain Jack Sparrow (Gibbs' brother) last year, the thought of painting on canvases came to me." Jack had surgery but was unable to wake up due to the anaesthetic. Since Steph works at the veterinary clinic, she was always around the animal and was able to collect some paw prints after Jack had died away.

Although losing a pet is always painful, the memories we have of them will live on in our hearts forever. The rat's owner wrote on their social media, "I thought it would be nice for my boys to do something similar when they were with me to save when they're gone. 

As a result, they created some paintings for me to keep as a type of pet monument. "I took a few little canvases and started painting," the artist mentioned," the artist said. She also enjoys taking pictures as a hobby, so she took shots of her animals next to their miniature artwork. She drew a lot of attention after sharing the adorable rat artwork online. So More info: Facebook and website.

The social media page for the animals states that there are 12 rats involved in this creative group. Also, Steph wants to emphasize that her pets are friends first and artists second. She affirmed that she would never force the rats to create the miniature canvases. Despite the current strong demand for their work, she recently stated that her closest pals would not spend their lives coated in paint. The rats are never coerced into running through paint, and we halt if they do so on the actual day.

She provided some information regarding the steps involved in the creative process, saying, "Painting is positively reinforced, so they get rewarded throughout. Some of the guys are target trained, so they will follow my hand or a target stick to make painting simpler. Even better, some of them are skilled on our little agility course!






















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