NASA Is Tracking An New Asteroid That Has The Potential To Hit Earth In 2046

A new asteroid was found by NASA that caused some probability of hitting Earth.  NASA expects that an asteroid may come closer to earth in 2046. It is 23 years later from 2023. Mr. David, who is a navigation engineer, at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories, said that about this newly discovered asteroid. 

When Was It Found.

It was discovered on February 26 at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, in particular at the Center for near-Earth Object Studies. We keep track of those, and whenever there is a new discovery, we measure the trajectory for the next hundred years and check whether there's even a remote possibility for an impact. Most of the time, we discover that the impact is not possible.

How About Possibility To Reach The Earth. 

We can rule that out very quickly. In this case, we cannot do that yet; we need more data to get to that but we have a very small impact probability for 2046. I always like to put things another way. There is a 99.8% probability that the object  is not going to reach the earth.

Size Of Asteroid.

Pic: pixabay

So, according to Mr. David's observations, there is a small possibility of reaching the earth. This asteroid is about 50 mitres across about the size. Furthermore, Mr. David stated that the impact of the asteroid, if it were to strike the Earth, would flatten trees over a 2000 square kilometer area.  

However, he stated that this asteroid has a very low probability of colliding with the Earth. If needed NASA uses new technology to push the asteroid back from Earth, he said.


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