This Is The Reason Some People Like To Watch Horror Movies

Do you enjoy scary films? Some people enjoy feeling fear the most. Also, watching a horror film is a fantastic method to satisfy your need for an adrenaline rush. But did you realize that our affinity with terror has a psychological basis? Because of this, people enjoy feeling afraid.

How Works Adrenaline.

The rush of adrenaline you get from being afraid is one of the advantages. It gives you the impression that you are powerful enough to wrestle a bear. And you act as though nothing can stop you. Nevertheless, your brain cannot distinguish between a real threat and a made-up one. 

Clinical psychologist Krista Jordan from Austin, Texas, told Health: "The brain doesn't always totally and effectively discern between dream and reality. When there is no actual danger present, the brain temporarily forgets this and activates the physiological response that would be appropriate in that situation. Some people find that watching a horror movie is enjoyable because of the adrenaline surge.

Make Ready Your Mind.

We nevertheless prefer the sensation of being ready for scenarios like that, even if it is extremely rare that an ax murderer will chase you around your house. And it is still another justification for our preference for horror films. Read here creepy ghost stories.

Coltan Scrivner, a PhD candidate in the University of Chicago's Department of Comparative Human Development, said to Health that the goal is to learn to predict your environment. What do other individuals do in situations like this, even if they are fictional characters? What action do other people take when they encounter a specific threat or challenge?

In addition to making us feel more prepared, these films can also provide us practice using coping mechanisms. According to Scrivner, those who watch films frequently are learning coping mechanisms for uncertainty, suspense, and anxiety. 

He also contributed to studies that demonstrated that fans of horror films were more resilient to the pandemic. We believe that horror enthusiasts are essentially creating a toolset for coping with feelings of anxiety or fear.


The fact that you're never in actual danger is another factor that some people find enjoyable about horror movies. You're witnessing terrifying things in a safe setting, which is something that we all want for, says New York City clinical psychologist Margot Levin to Health. 

Imagine a child learning to walk One of the things they enjoy doing is running away from the parent until it becomes a bit terrifying, at which time they turn around and run back. It involves playing with risk while maintaining a sense of security. And after finishing a horror film, viewers feel as though they have accomplished something. And that's great for our spirits.

So, Now you know the reason behind the people who likes to watch the horror movies.


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