23 Wonderful BTS Pics From Famous Film Shoots, Found In "Behind The Clapperboard"(New)

As movie fans, we all love to see "Behind the Scenes (BTS)". We can always see only the movie that was captured by the camera. But one person gives orders and manages the actors and other team members as well. 

The director is the person who can lead the team and give a new creative birth to a movie. Today we found 23 fascinating BTS pictures from the "Behind the clapperboard" Facebook page for you. Those pictures give some kind of great feeling.

#1.The 39 Steps (1935). Alfred Hitchcock.

Alfred Hitchcock - Cinematography: Bernard Knowles.

Behind The Clapperboard

#2.Thor: Love and Thunder (2022). Taika Waititi.

Cinematography: Barry Baz Idoine.
Photo by: Jasin Boland.

Behind The Clapperboard

#3.Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022). Ryan Coogler.

Cinematography: Autumn Durald Arkapaw.

Behind The Clapperboard

#4.Tenet (2020). Christopher Nolan.

Cinematography: Hoyte Van Hoytema.
Photo by: Melinda Sue Gordon.

Behind The Clapperboard

#5.Ready Player One (2018). Steven Spielberg.

Cinematography: Janusz Kaminski.
Camera Operator: Mitch Dubin.
Photo by: Jaap Buitendijk.

Behind The Clapperboard

#6.Apocalypse Now (1979). Francis Ford Coppola.

Cinematography: Vittorio Storaro.
Camera Operator: Piero Servo.
Key Grip: Alfredo Marchetti.

Behind the Clapperboard

#7.Transformers (2007). Michael Bay.

Cinematography: Mitchell Amudsen.
Camera Operator: David Emmerichs.
First Assistant Camera: Todd Schlopy.
Dolly Grip: Alan 'Moose' Schultz.
Photo by Robert Zuckerman.

Behind the Clapperboard

#8.Skyfall (2012). Sam Mendes.

Cinematography: Roger Deakins.

Behind the Clapperboard

#9.Psycho (1960). Alfred Hitchcock.

Cinematography: John L. Russell.
Camera Operator: Leonard J. South.
Script Supervisor: Marshall Schlom.
Photo by: Eugene Cook.

Behind the Clapperboard

#10.True Lies (1994). James Cameron.

Cinematography: Russell Carpenter.
Camera Operator: James Cameron.
Stunt Coordinator/Arnold Schwarzenegger. Stunt Double: Joel Kramer.
Jamie Lee Curtis Stunt Double: Jamie Lee Curtis.
Photo by: Zade Rosenthal.

Behind the Clapperboard

#11.Apocalypto (2006). Mel Gibson.

Cinematography: Dean Semler.
First Assistant Camera: Megan Forste.

Behind the Clapperboard

#12.Rocky II (1979). Sylvester Stallone.

Cinematography: Bill Butler.
Steadicam Operator: Garrett Brown.
Photo by: Christine M. Loss.

Behind the Clapperboard

#13.Full Metal Jacket (1987). Stanley Kubrick.

Cinematography: Douglas Milsome.
Photo by: Gerard Maguire.

Behind the Clapperboard

#14.Iron Man (2008). Jon Favreau.

Cinematography: Matthew Libatique.
Photo by: Zade Rosenthal.

Behind the Clapperboard

#15.Edge Of Tomorrow (2014). Doug Liman.

Cinematography: Dion Beebe.
Photo by: David James.

#16.Nope (2022). Jordan Peele.

Cinematography: Hoyte Van Hoytema.
Photo by: Leigh Mierke.

Behind the Clapperboard

#17.Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011). Brad Bird.

Cinematography: Robert Elswit.
Photo by: David James.

Behind the Clapperboard

#18.The Terminator (1984). James Cameron.

Cinematography: Adam Greenberg.
Terminator Stop Motion: Pete Kleinow.

Behind the Clapperboard

#19.Quantum Of Solace (2008). Marc Forster.

Cinematography: Roberto Schaefer.
Stunt Double: Daniel Craig: Bobby Holland Hanton.
Head Stunt Rigger: Diz Sharpe.
Photo by: Susan Allnutt.

Behind the Clapperboard

#20.Saving Private Ryan (1998). Steven Spielberg.

Cinematography: Janusz Kaminski Photo by: David James.

Behind the Clapperboard

#21.Joker (2019). Todd Phillips.

Cinematography: Lawrence Sher.
Photo By: Niko Tavernise.

Behind the Clapperboard

#22.Alien (1979). Ridley Scott.

Cinematography: Derek Vanlint.
Photo by: Bob Penn.

Behind the Clapperboard

#23.Glass Onion (2022). Rian Johnson.

Cinematography: Steve Yedlin.
Photo by: John L. Wilson.

Behind the Clapperboard


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