Healing Is Natural, Sickness Is Unnatural, Did You Know It

Healing is a natural process. If you have some ability to communicate with your subconscious mind, you can grow your healing process. A normal child born into the world, at best is healthy life. All his senses are functioning properly. This is his residual normalcy. We were always vibrant, strong and healthy. Let's have the strongest instinct in your nature is self- preservation instinct. 

It is the supremely strong, ever- present, moment- to- moment uniquely fair being inherent in your nature. All your thoughts, ideas, and beliefs must be active with great potential, in perfect harmony with the innate life principle within you, ever ready to protect in every way. Unlike abnormal situations, you will be able to stabilize yourself more easily in normal situations.

Getting Sick Is Really Unusual.

Actually if we think deeply, getting sick is really unusual. Suffering from an illness indicates that you are moving against the flow of life and thinking negatively. 

The law of life is the law of growth. All nature, quietly and constantly growing, facilitates its operation. Wherever there is expression and growth, there must be life. Wherever there is life, there must be harmony. Wherever there is harmony, there must be optimal health.

If your thoughts are in harmony with the creative principle embedded in your subconscious mind, then you are in tune with the innate principle of coherence. If you accept thoughts that don't agree with the principle of harmony, those thoughts are attached to you.

How To Use The Subconscious Mind To Heal.

In order to heal an illness, you must cause the great forces contained in the subconscious mind to flow and circulate throughout your system. To achieve it easily, fear, anxiety, stress, jealousy, hatred and other such harmful thoughts should be banished. 

Such damaging thoughts can tear apart bodily tissues including your nervous system and glands. These glands and tissues keep your body clean through detoxification. Speak with your subconscious mind when you go to bed and tell it about your disease. Request a fast recovery. So, you can feel some changes after a few days. Try to trust your subconscious mind.

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