Innovative Veterinary Surgery: George's Tumor Removal with Water-Based Technique

George, a 10-year-old goldfish, was admitted to the surgery department at Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Australia. He had a tumor on his head.

Tristan Rich, a veterinarian, prepared three buckets of water for George's operation. The first included anesthetic water, the second a maintenance dose of anesthesia, and the third was fresh, clean water. Pic credit

The vet first left George in the anesthesia bucket, and as he went unconscious, he placed him on the stretcher and inserted a tube of oxygenated fluid from the maintenance anesthetic bucket into his mouth.

After 45 minutes of surgery, Dr. Rich placed George in a pail of clean water, administered painkillers and antibiotics, and within minutes, he was swimming as if nothing had occurred. You may like to read Ingenious Tiny Hummingbird Constructs Nest Featuring a Roof here.

George successfully underwent surgery to remove the tumor, allowing him to live another 10 years.


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