Valley of the Planets: A Treasured Gem of Libya

Valley of the Planets: A Treasured Gem of Libya

It is one of the wonders of the world to find what appears to be planets and celestial bodies on the planet Earth and in a desert, all of this with rocks, stones, and even sand that is shaped in a way similar to space and the background of the planets as we see it in pictures and videos, according to astronomers. You may like to read  Innovative Veterinary Surgery here.

This location was known as the Valley of the Planets in the Kufra region of the sister Arab State of Libya, and it is one of Libya's gems due to its desert, despite the fact that few people are aware of it.

It is located in Al-Uwainat Al-Gharbia near the city of Ghat in southern Libya's vast desert, in a valley known as "Wan Tkufi" in the area extending from Hamada to the Ghat heights.

Perhaps the oddest in Libya, if not the strangest in the world, is this valley distant from the Al-Owainat area (about 1130 kilometers south of Tripoli), where massive boulders take the shape of planets, giving visitors the impression that they are in space.

The average diameter of each rock is roughly 10 meters, and these spherical rocks are stacked side by side for about 30 kilometers.

It is also called "wan takufi" in Tuareg. That valley is also distinguished by its solid rocky bedrock, which lacks both water and crops.

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